On a Canal in Florida
personal water craft float
6’ jet ski docks allow plenty of space to walk around the PWC’s when on the floats.
jet-ski dock  jet-ski rollers 
This installation is in a canal on the intercostal in Florida in
salt water. The 6’ jet ski docks are moored on all four
corners. The owner uses a straight dock ladder attached
to the sea wall  to board the jet ski docks at low tide. 
The Jet-ski or personal water craft is supported
by rollers so it does not touch the float at all. 
personal watercraft float  jet-ski dock 
Next to a Pier
Personal Water Craft Dock personal watercraft float 
jet ski dock 
This customer had their dock built in an L configuration for easy access to the 6’ PMI jet docks. 
These floats are moored with pier pipe close to the dock. Drive up and step off. The woman in the picture panicked our crew,
she gave the PWC the throttle when she should have been backing off. The watercraft rolls so easily on the PMI jet ski dock
that you need to back off the throttle as soon as you feel it rolling. It may take a little practice but you’ll love the ease
of loading and unloading once you get the hang of it.
Installed in a 12' Wide Marina Slip
Jet Ski Dock adjustable rollers slx 5 watercraft floats
This installation shows two 5’ PMI jet ski docks in a 12’ marina slip. These are moored using the Dock or Seawall Attachment Kit
 (the two pieces of galvanized steel). PWC pipe and flat bushings are used in the mooring. The image to the right shows galvanized pier
pipe with a raised bushing. Compare this picture of the 5’ wide jet ski docks to those of the 6’ wide (below) to see the walk around space.
The 6’ wide PMI jet ski docks may be too tight in a 12’ dock opening.
In a channel on Lake Wawasee
Jet Ski Dock

An installation in a channel on Lake Wawasee in Indiana.

Our float replaced an existing float after buying a newerheavier PWC.
The new PWC rolls right on-off the PMI float with ease.
In Front of a Sea Wall
jet ski dock installation  Here are two 6’ PMI jet ski docks installed in shallow water near a sea-wall on a lake in Indiana. You can see the connector kit and the two jet ski floats are moored with two pieces of pier pipe. We suggested that the pipe be cut down so that it doesn’t stick up as shown in the photo, but the owner likes the height. He said it’s handy to hold onto when stepping down to get on the jet ski docks. You can see how much walk around space the 6’ wide jet ski dock has versus the 5’.

We are often asked for an opinion on attaching the floats together or mooring them separately side by side.

We sell a lot of connector kits at $175 but all it really eliminates is mooring them separately side by side. The cost of an extra mooring kit (8’) is $75 although you might want an additional set of bushings $59. Some people think that attaching two jet ski docks together helps increase the buoyancy and that it is a help with the biggest new jet ski’s. Our individual Wave Port jet ski docks have so much buoyancy that we sometimes question the benefit of tying them together.