The idea of a Jet Ski float is simple.  The Jet Ski float sits on the water and must be capable of supporting the weight of the PWC and the driver.  But, there are important differences that will affect your experience with a Jet Ski Dock.  The number and size of the rollers affects how easily you drive on and push off. The angle of the entrance determines how much of a “bump” your PWC will encounter.  We’ve heard of inexperienced riders who were afraid of the big bump they encounter on competitive floats. The overall size and especially the width of the Jet Ski float will determine the carrying capacity and walk around space.  The wider the float the more easily you can maneuver around the float (with the PWC on it) to install a cover or perform maintenance. Some buyers take the recommendation of a dealer without taking the time to study the competitive features and benefits. Jet Ski docks have received bad publicity because some brands don’t have a deep enough entrance or inadequate rollers. Others can scratch and gouge the hull of your PWC.

Count the rollers, look at the roller diameter and check the entrance, you’ll see how superior our JetSki floats by PMI are. We refer to our 2018 Jet Ski float  as a “third generation” model. Every year we’ve improved the performance, wider-longer bodies, more mooring options with less costly attachment kits, more and larger rollers and a deeper entrance. We personally use the products we sell, PMI Jet Ski docks are simply the best. They are virtually maintenance free and we back them with a 5 year warranty.

The Deepest No BUMP Entry The Best Rollers
no bump entry
Soft rollers put minimum pressure on your PWC hull. Rollers that rotate easily allow even the
heaviest machine and rider to glide on and
off easily.

The Competition's rollers put more pressure on the PWC hull, that may mar or scratch your PWC hull.
You don’t need to study too hard to quickly see the differences between Jet Ski Floats. The deeper the entrance, the less of a bump you’ll encounter when driving on. The more rollers and the larger they are, the easier your PWC glides on and off. The more adjustment positions, the better you can correct a fit problem. A Bow Stop helps stop and secure your PWC to the float. If the rollers roll easily you’ll need  a bow stop. If you’re in rough water, you’ll want to secure your PWC to the float with the bow stop.
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Again, if you're trying to figure out which PWC float will work best for your personal water craft, (drive on easy and push off effortlessly), COUNT THE ROLLERS  and make sure it has a BOW STOP.
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