Why Floating Dock? Floating dock is generally used in lake areas where it is difficult to set pier pipes in the lake bottom. On lakes with sandy sloping bottoms, ordinary docks suspended over pipes on a truss system are simple to install. Roll-in docks can also be used on these types of lake bottoms. With the pipe-truss or roll-in system you avoid the cost of the floats that are plastic float tubsnecessary for floating docks. Floating docks cost more than ordinary docks, but there are
applications where they are the only type of dock that will work.

There are various types of floating docks. Custom fitted drums or barrels positioned beneath ordinary dock can serve the purpose.  Some are hollow while others are foam filled. The problem with drum float system is that the dock must usually be specially built to fit the size of the drums and in most applications the dock is higher off the water and the dock is usually narrow.

The most important consideration for homeowners who need floating dock is stability. You don’t want to be walking down a dock that is tippy or unstable. We have what we believe is the most stable floating dock on the market and the way we achieve this stability is with a wide (5’),  shallow (only 16” off the water) dock. The wider and closer to the surface of the dock, the more stable it will be when you walk on it. Our dock has recess chambers (molded-in holes) on the bottom that create a vacuum, when you walk on the dock it “grabs” the water, making it even more stable.
floating dock heights
Only 16” high. Some floating dock systems can be as tall as 34” off the water.
The lower the profile of the dock system, the less “tippy” it is.
With the Wave Armor dock you feel like you're walking on water, not suspended in the air.
  non slip textured dock surface floating dock Vacuum pockets floating dock damage  
textured non-skid surface 10' (120") x 5' (60") section Under side of dock.  Pockets in the bottom help create a vacuum to keep the dock stable. Everyone loves our dock!
If a critter takes a bite out of
an ordinary (non foam filled)
dock, it sinks.
  How Floating Dock Sections Connect  

The method of connecting floating dock is an important consideration. We did an installation on a lake that had been a gravel pit. The first 10’ were shallow enough to secure the dock with pier pipes but the remaining floating dock had to be supported by the dock connectors. A strong secure connection was critical to the success of this floating dock installation.

H-Connectors floating dock connector floatingdock
  Each 60” wide floating dock section is connected with two 24” H connectors. They slide into grooves on the ends of the dock. Our connectors attach beneath the surface, invisible from the top of the floating dock.  
Wave Armor Floating Dock floating dock connectors
A clean appealing floating dock installation. A dock with connectors that mount from the top.
48” of the 60” wide floating dock is firmly supported by our Wave Dock, H’s. Some competitive brands connect their floating dock with “plugs” leaving 3/4 of the dock unsupported. You may feel twisting and flexing on that style of floating dock that you won’t experience on ours.
The Dock Layout

Everything in our Wave Armor floating dock system is modular.  All you need to do is think about how you want to put it together.

How far out into the lake?   - Consider the sizes of boats you will tie up to the dock.

What about water depth?  - With floating dock we normally don’t pay much attention to water depth, but if you are mooring boats, you’ll want enough length so they will float.

Do you want any L’s? - For a sheltered swimming area or place to anchor small boats?

Are there any unusual conditions on the lake bottom? - One of the benefits of floating dock is that we don’t have to pay too much attention to the lake bottom. That’s why floating dock is so versatile and can be used in muck or mud bottoms, but we will need some spots where we can sink a pier pipe. Or, for deep water or absolutely terrible bottom conditions we can always use the anchoring system.

What about attachments? - Kayak Racks, PWC Floats, Ladders?

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