Floating dock bench
PN: 301092
5' Dock Bench - $625

Rotationally molded to last a lifetime.
Molded in cup holders; sit comfortably
for hours. Use on any dock
Floating dock bench attachment kit
PN: 300963
Dock Bench Attachment Kit - $265

The problem with many dock benches is they take up dock space. Two bracket mounts slide into our H-Beam Channel to move the bench off the dock.

Floating folding dock ladder PN: 300081 - Floating - Folding Dock Ladder - $405

Mounts using our H-Beam connection system. Place on either side or end of the dock. Folds up and out of the water when not in use. Bottom section of ladder floats. Extends 56” below the dock so it’s easy to board even in deep water.

PN: 301096
Lower Step Down - $550

Provides water level access to the dock.
Connects using the H Beam Channel.
60” long by 28” wide.
Kayak assist kitPN: 301753
Kayak Assist Kit $825

Complete with lower dock section
Provides stability for canoes or kayaks. Mounts to the lower.
kayak rach for floating dockKayak rackPN: 300107 - Kayak Rack - $465

Rotationally molded plastic. Attaches to W.A. dock with the H-Beam Connectors. Keeps the kayaks off the dock allowing for more dock space. Holds two kayaks and has molded-in bungee hook receivers. Bungees not included.
universal kayak rackPN: 300109
Universal Kayak Rack - $389

Attaches to many competitors docks
beach kayak rack PN: 300109 - Beach Kayak Rack - $369

Flat bottom use on a beach or attach to wood.

Anchor pin mooring kitPN: 301336
HD Anchor Pin Mooring Kit - $300

Help anchor dock in deep
water installations. Better for
rough water installations.
Anchor cap mooring kit PN: 300493 - Anchor Cap Mooring Kit - $240

Helps anchor dock in deep water installations.
direct connect kit for SLX jet ski floatsPN: 300998
SLX Direct Connect Kit - $329

Connect the SLX jet ski float directly to Wave Armor Dock. Kit mounts through preformed holes in the SLX float body and the unique brackets slides into the H-Beam Channel on Wave Armor Dock. The jet ski float and dock work in unison
decorative side panels foe wave dockPN: 300062 - Decorative
Side Panels - $590
( 8 PER KIT )

Covers the black bottom of the Wave Dock to give it a more finished look. Slides directly into the H Beam Channel. Sold as a single 5’ long part.
t-plate connector for floating dockt-plate connector

PN: 301529 - T Plate Connector - $115 (qty2)

Slides into the H-Beam Channel on the dock. Has four 9/16” inserts to hold whatever you wanted to fasten to your dock, railing, flag poles, etc. Threaded inserts are on 4 3/4” x 2” centers.
dock post coversPN: 300102 - Dock Post Covers - $65 (qty2)post covers for docks

A decorative way to cover exposed pier pipes. Also helps level pier pipes that are sometimes uneven because of the lake bottom.

dock cleat for floating dock  dock cleat hold for floating dock
PN: 300469 - Dock Cleat - $49 (2)

8” nylon cleat. Mounts into the accessory hole
in dock body for a cleat that won’t pull out.
PN: 200695 - Decorative Snap-in Plugs $38 (pack of 20)

Wave Dock has the cleanest look of any floating dock available. However
there are small indentations with threaded inserts to install accessories.
Decorative Snap-In plugs cover these  holes for a smooth look.

Solar light for dockPN: 300979 - Solar Light - $81 (2)

Light up your dock with attractive, non intrusive snap-in solar powered lighting. The bottom of the solar light is molded to snap into the accessory hole in the dock.

Wave dock bumpersWave Dock Bumpers

15.5”, 34”, & 44” tall X 10” wide, 15.5” deep. Slides into the H-Beam Channel on all Wave Dock. Polyethylene construction with a Marine-Grade Vinyl Insert. Protects your dock and watercraft.
horizontal dock bumper  dock bumpers
PN: 300069 - Horizontal Bumper - $113
23" x 9". Slides into the H-Beam Channel. Polyethylene construction. 
critter ate hole in floating dock
A critter took a few bites out of our dock on Eagle Lake in southern Michigan. It floated perfectly and we didn’t even know it had been damaged until we pulled the dock for the winter. To fix it, we just melted some plastic over the “wound”. Its been in the lake more than four years without any difficulty and no more critter damage. An ordinary hollow floating dock would have been full of water and sunk.