SLX Sport Jet Ski Float
Designed for the Sea Do  and Yamaha Spark  models. These smaller light weight PWCs that don’t need the length or buoyance of our regular 5’ or 6’ floats.
slx sport jet ski dock features  slx sport jet ski dock
What's the Difference? 
Length - 11’ versus 12’8” Designed to better fit the smaller (10’ long) PWC’s.

Capacity - 900 lb. versus 1750/2500 lbs. Less flotation for PWC’s that weigh under 450 lbs.

Installation – Use pier pipe into the lake bottom through pre-formed holes in the body or dock or sea wall attaching options. Generally not recommended for pier pipe installation in rough water. The Sport has only two mooring holes while other floats have four.
sport vs normal slx jet ski float
In this side by side image you can see where we took out the length.
 It’s not so noticeable but the depth is different.
The Sport is 9” thick while the regular SLX is 12”. This affects flotation.
 If you love your Spark and don’t intend to trade up, the SLX Sport is perfect for you.
The Sea Do Spark on the 6’ SLX. The 6’ SLX is more float that you need for a 10’ Spark. But, if you intend to trade up to a larger PWC, the longer 5’ or 6’ SLX will work and you won’t need to trade floats.  skido spark jet ski dock