Protect your boats from scrapes and damage against docks.
Enhance the appearance of your dock with color coordinated accessories.
"Torpedo" Dock Bumpers
Use with 2" pier pipe, torpedo bumpers cover the "knuckle" and protect your boat.
Dock Bumpers dock pipe pier
18” torpedo dock bumpers slide easily over 2” aluminum or galvanized dock pipe.
The bottom (on the back) is slit to go over the dock knuckle while the top is solid and rests on top of the knuckle.
WHITE-BLUE colors coordinate with our corners & straight bumpers.

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Colorful torpedo dock bumpers are flexible PVC. No more replacing old style “foam” bumpers every year. Our torpedo dock bumpers are “sacrificial”, that is not only do they protect your boat from scratches, if you come in very hard they will help absorb the shock and help prevent catastrophic damage to your boat.

Dock Wheel Bumper
Dock Wheel Bumper
Dock Wheel Bumper - $39

12" round x 6.5" tall. Fits over 2" Pipe.
Air filled for maximum protection for your boat.
Rolls easily.

Pontoon Guides

For pontoon guides, drive a pier pipe 10'-12' on the outside of the dock.
Put the wheel over the pipe(it floats). In a current or wind, the dock
wheel helps guide your pontoon boat into the dock.

Especially helpful on rivers with a current or larger lakes with wake action.

dock bumper dock bumper Heavy Duty 24" PLASTIC  Dock Bumper
High impact, super duty, poly resin dock bumpers. Use on 2” dock pipe where boat may be in constant contact with the dock. 2 1/4” mounting hole fits most 2” dock pipe.
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24" Long x 4 1/2" wide
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Box of 6
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 Secures to pipe with  2 bolts    

Dock or Pier Pole Covers

dock pole covers

Level out uneven pier pipes or rope off one side of your pier with 36" or 48" pole covers.

Dock pole detail
High impact PVC plastic (white) with a hole (for an optional rope) in the top.
Fits over 2” pier pipe with a set-screw for a strong installation. Practically indestructible.

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36" - $24.95
48" - $26.95

Dock Bumpers & pier protection products
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