Makes getting into and out of a kayak (canoe/paddle board) simple. Getting into a kayak on a rocky shoreline, in muck or deep water, or from a sea wall
can be a challenge. It gets more challenging as people age. Our Kayak Launch Assist mounts against most stationary or floating dock or sea wall .
(Click below for mounting instructions).
Kayak Launch Assistant

Standard Launch Assist $699
Includes mounting hardware. Specify type.
48” wide by 60” long. Weighs about 99 lbs.

Roto Mold Plastic with Five Year Warranty. Virtually maintenance free. All hardware aluminum or stainless steel.

Kayak launch assist grab handles kayak launch assist bar kayak launch assistant
Rear Grab Handles $199 Overhead Assist Bar $149 Shown with both Assists *$1047
* When bought with both optional assists, discounted to $999
Young people have no trouble using the standard launch assist, but the optional handles are helpful for older people or those with disabilities. The overhead assist is especially helpful to help getting into and out of the kayak.


Front View

Pulling the kayak onto the launch assist with both assists.

Standard Installation Kit You Supply
dock brackets kayak mounts  mounting hardware
Two Galvanized Brackets Two Mounts Hardware for brackets to dock. Lag bolt to wood. Bolt & nut for truss dock.
Tools Needed
(1) 9/16" Wrench
(2) 3/4" Wrenches

Step 1
Install Pole Connectors into outer YAK port sockets. Secure Float Connectors into sockets with bolts, washers, and bushings provided. Tighten all bolts in the dock using 25lbs/ft (3.46 kg/m of torque.
Step one Step 2
Determine YAKport position to fixed dock. (A) Mount one Pole Sleeve Bracket on the outside of the fixed dock.

Note: 1/2" hardware to mount the Pole Sleeve Bracket not included.

(B) Slide 2" is pole through Pole Sleeve Bracket and Pole connector.

Note: pipe size 2" id sch 40 pipe or max dia of 2.375" (50DN mm sch 40)
step 2
Step 3
(A) Slide 2" id pole through Pole Connector.

(B) Slide the Pole Sleeve Bracket down the 2" id Pole and align with the Fixed Dock. Mount Pole Sleeve Bracket to the fixed Dock with 1/2" hardware.

Note: pipe size 2" is 30" on center between the Pole Sleeve Brackets.
step 3 When mounting against a truss dock or sea wall, it's
sometimes easier to mount a 2x6 and fasten the two
galvanized brackets to it.
pier pipeIf you don’t have a source for pier Pipe, we can supply it.  2-8’ pieces of aluminum pier pipe w/auger bottom $95 when sold w/new Yak Port or 2-10’ pieces of aluminum pier pipe w/auger bottom $110 when sold with a new Yak Port.  Pipe can usually ship no additional charge with new Yak Ports .

Kayak assist shipping

We’ve shipped commercial freight line for twenty years. Getting the best rate was always a hassle. We now use a freight broker who shops around among carriers.Shipping quotes from different carriers yields an amazing
variance in price. A freight carrier with a warehouse in your area will usually offer the best price.
That’s why we want to quote a price direct to your location a few days before we ship.

Sellers that add a set rate to their price overcharge one customer and undercharge another.
Generally speaking truck freight is between $150 to $200 for our Kayak Launch Assists. If it’s $125 we’ll
quote you $125; if its $195 that will be your cost.

The shipment will arrive on a skid wrapped in protective cardboard. It weighs about 140 lbs. (skid, product, accessories & packaging). You’ll probably need a couple people to lift it off the semi. Drivers will help...but sometimes the shipping companies will forbid them.