dock handrail
36" tall x 16" wide, the perfect size
2" diameter fluted aluminum, easy to grip
Satin finish anodized aluminum, no marks on hands
Reflective tape on two sides, easily seen at night
6" round base,
very secure installation.

dock and pontoon handrail sale

dock handrail
We started looking for something like the dock handrail after mom was reluctant to get on our pontoon. We went a little overboard once we found them and got three. We put one on the dock where she steps from the grass onto the dock. One on the dock by the pontoon and another on the pontoon in the gate area. Three handrails get a little expensive but having her able to get on the boat for another year or two is worth it. Now that they are in place we’ve found that almost everyone who gets onto the dock or pontoon uses the handrails. The handrail is a benefit when pulling the pontoon next to the dock. We just grab onto the handrail and pull.
Heavy duty commercial installation
dock handrail base
Residential installation
dock handrail base

6” round aluminum base with four 5/8” holes.
Four 3” lag bolts (included) .

6” round aluminum base with four holes.
The 5/8” holes are filled with bushings to
accommodate four 3/8” bolts
Eight 2"x3/8" bolts with nuts and wahshers (included).

Our dock handrails come with both installation kits. Select the one that works best for you. You may need additional mounting hardware not included  for your specific application.