Components for the wave armor floating dock

floating dock
* Pre-season Price
PN: 300466 - 5' x 10' x 16" - $1549*  - MSRP - $1649
PN: 300445 - 3'3" x 10'  (for finger piers) - $1299
PN: 300444 - 2'6" x 5' x 16" - $500
floating dock suction pockets
Suction pockets on the bottom actually "grab" the water to make our docks more stable.
Approx. 10% less than Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price.

5' wide
, more stable on the water. Foam filled, virtually indestructible. 10 Year Warranty. Wave Armor dock is the simplest, safest, and most user friendly floating dock available. It’s foam filled so it floats no matter what happens. It sits low in the water (16”) and because of the unique “suction” bottom is stable to walk on. Its low profile and clean appearance makes it the most aesthetically pleasing dock available.

floating dock construction
Foam Filled, Virtually Indestructible, 10 Year Warranty
Never spongy, more stable in the water. Never a worry about animal damage. It always floats.

floating dock connector kits
H Beam Connector Kits (2) The strongest, most versatile connector in the industry.

PN: 300067
- 50" - Connects two 60" x 120" Dock Sections side-to-side. - $235
PN: 300065 - Connects tWo 60" x 120" Dock Sections end-to-end. - $140
h-beam connection to floating dock 

The H-Beams slide into the channels of our dock sections
to lock the docks together. The strongest way to
connect floating docks. No unsightly connectiors.

Our H-Beam connectors are the secret to our clean appearance. The connectors are out of sight and the dock seams blend perfectly

floating dock post kitPN: 300099 - Post Attachment Kit - $95

Fasten the dock to the lake bottom using pier pipe. Easy to moor in mucky or bad bottoms. The post attachment slides the length of the dock. Find a section of good bottom and move the attachment kit to that spot. On quiet inland lakes some installations only require two attachment points every 20’. Rougher water requires more attachment points.

dock ramp for floating dockPN: 300055 - 7' Dock Ramp - $825
PN: 301518 - 12' 8" Dock Ramp - $1299

These tapered and hinged kits span from the end of your dock to create a flush walking surface from your shoreline. Available in 7′ or 10′ foot long versions to meet your needs. The ramp kit includes a hinge kit that attached the ramp to Wave Armor Dock. The ramp usually angles down (for a beach) but it can angle up about 30 degrees.
floating dock hinge kit
PN: 301135
- 60" Hinge to attach Ramp to Fixed Dock - $180

This kit allows you to attach Wave Armor Dock to a fixed, usually wooden dock. The kit attaches to dock with the H-Beam and has a steel plate that you attach to the other style of dock. Use in deep water situations.
float dock abutment kit 

PN: 300001 - Abutment Kit (attaches the ramp to a sea wall) - $425

Galvanized steel plate attaches to a seawall. Three 6" galvanized steel arms bolt
to the bottom of the 7' or 10' Dock Ramp. The ramp pivots on the three arms.
PN: 30051- 30" Corner Dock Section - $165

Fill corners where the dock comes together at right angles.

PN: 301116

Half Round End Cap - $499

An aesthetically pleasing "finish" to your Dock System.

Features a molded-in insert option

PN: 301091 - 40" 30 degree section - $389
PN: 301090 - 60" 30 drgree section - $489

Connects with molded in H-Beam Channels. Sections create a 30 degree angle allowing boat slips to fan out. 40” for finger docks. 60” for full size 5’ wide docks.

floating dock pricing