dock ladder

3-Step - SALE

3 Step - SALE
Extends 35" below the deck.

4 Step - SALE
Extends 46" below the deck.
5 step dock ladder sale
5 Step $159
Extends 56" below the deck.
Large 16"x 5 /2" steps
Easy on Bare Feet.
1" frame with reinforced top for strength.
ladder attachment kit
Anodized frame with wide steps and stainless hardware. Use on the dock or on a pontoon.
Mounts with J hooks and footman loops (LAK’s) included.  Buy an extra set of mounting
hardware to use the ladder on the dock as well as the pontoon. Guaranteed for use up to 400 lb.

Heavy Duty Mount for OUR Dock Ladders

 There are installations where mounting the footman loops may present a problem or in commercial applications where you want a stronger mount.
Our optional heavy duty dock ladder mounting bracket can be used instead of footman loops. Galvanized steel with heavy steel welded pins will
provide years of use. Camps, commercial docks, etc. will benefit from the stronger mounting bracket. Low profile with rounded design,
helps prevent damage to bare feet. In some applications, it’s easier to mount the heavy duty bracket than footman loops, where you can’t reach
beneath to tighten nuts on bolts. The heavy duty mount is ideal for aluminum docks to help spread the load.

Heavy Duty Dock Ladder Mount

With the purchase of a new dock ladder before added to the cart you will be offered this mount at this special price.

how long should your swim ladder be How Long Should a Ladder Be?

The average dock is about 18” off the water. You’ll want a ladder with at least two steps into
the water.   The length of the ladder is quoted in inches below the top of the deck.
The first step of the dock ladder is 9” below the deck.  Each additional step is about 9” from
the other.  The bottom step of our three step ladder is about 36” from the top rung that
rests on the dock. If your dock is 4” thick and it's about 18” off the water, our 3 step ladder
will have about two steps into the water. The more steps in the water the easier the ladder
is to climb. However make sure the ladder isn't too long.

What You Should Know About Dock Ladders

Most dock ladders look pretty much the same. Aluminum frame with aluminum steps,
but there are important differences you’ll only discover when your 300 lb. friend uses the ladder.

reinforced top rail dock ladder step
  Our ladders have a reinforced top rail 2” thick.  This bar is what supports the majority of the weight.
  The stronger the bar the more weight it can support.

5-Step Stainless Steel 44" Telescoping Folding Ladder
Special Purchase Sale Price $199 - FREE SHIPPING
5 step telescoping folding ladder  A perfect and afforable ladder for any type of dock you may have!

The improved mounting plates make this ladder ideal for any situation where you would want a stronger ladder that can extend at a deeper length.

400 lb. Capacity

Extension Legnth: 44" Deep

Step Width: 12" Wide

Frame Diameter: 1 1/2" Round Tube

5 step telescoping folding ladder on swim raft
A 5 Step Telescoping ladder
mounted to a swim raft.

5 step ladder mount
Solid one piece mounting plates for
increased stregnth.

Heavy Duty 4 Step Flip Up Dock Ladder
$209 with Free Shipping
  • Satin finished anodized aluminum
    No black marks on hands or cloths from untreated aluminum
  • 1 3/4” and 2" Round aluminum frame
    Heavy duty, twice the stregnth of ordinary 1" ladders.
  • Extends deeper below the deck than ordinary ladders
    Ladder Extends 51”
  • Steps are Big-Wide 4” x 19” embossed non-skid aluminum.
    Steps are welded to the frame for heavy duty use.
  • Easy assembly
    Bolt the top handrails into the one piece welded bottom frame.
  • Rated for up to 500 lb.
    The steps won’t bend even under the heaviest swimmer.
  • Mounts to the dock or Swim Float through holes in the flip top
    We supply both screws and bolts with every ladder.
  • No sharp edges, safe for bare feet.
    Opening on the steps are sealed with plastic plugs.
4 Step Flip Up Dock Ladder 4 Step Flip Up Dock Ladder
  $209 with Free Shipping Heavy Duty Flip up mount allows for the ladder to be flipped up out of the water in seconds. Includes quick release pin to lock the ladder in either the up or down position. Flip up plate bolts to dock with 5/16” stainless bolts (included). Some dock configurations may require special mounting hardware.

Dock Ladder Orders over $100 - Free Shipping